The Metal Army

Here at The Metal Army we are a group of like minded individuals that use our knowledge to better ourselves as well as our other crew members.

Although we do not wish to bring attention to ourselves as being the best we do not hide in the shadows, we don't hit other racers and then hide in the garage, that is not how we wish to represent TMA.

TMA has made a calm and cool community where we instill in our members where they feel welcome to come chat about anything. 

Do not be duped into thinking that TMA is a Bullying crew. Haters are everywhere, we do not conduct ourselves in a manner where we think we are untouchable. We look at this game as WAR, collateral damage tends to happen, everyone pretends that TMA is at fault for doing exactly what they do for their own members. No matter if they act as more than a random hit or "TMA is picking on me." Because we have such a large crew, we tend to have many mini wars and mini battles with random people. This translates into our crew members backing up our other crew members. Seeing as we have the largest crew everyone is quick to point their fingers st TMA as bullies.

We here at The Metal Army have experts to help you with anything you need for your Overdrive Driver Build, making it 10 times easier to build up than what people think is humanly possible without bot using. We are the best at re-building by our ability to create cracks in the system. 

TMA is a Family, we have inner family fighting and arguments just like any other family. Just remember that anything can be worked out. We only wish to maintain our closeness as a crew to keep our family together.

Here is where you should be if you are looking to better yourself as well as your driver.

We are The Metal Army, we stand together, and we hold strong because of it.

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